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  1. Hello, my name is Chris. I sent you an email yesterday about your Noble for sale, as my forum subscription was not yet activated to PM you, but is now so wanted to follow up just Incase the Email is not in use.

    Is this car still for sale would be my first question? Im a little confused by the OP being from 2013 but latest post is this month.

    If car still available, does this car have Air conditioning? Stereo? What year is it, a 04?

    You mentioned having an upgraded tune. Can you be more specific on what this entailed, such as an aftermarket ecu or just remapped the factory? I'm not familiar enough with all aspects of the car yet to know if the factory ecu is tunable or aftermarket stand alone or piggy back needed. Thanks for clearifying in this.

    And what has this achieved as far as power yielded? You mentioned a dyno tune. What does it put down to the wheel and boost increased to what? Factory power on your model/year was? This is good for starts.

    Thanks much,
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