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Thread: Ferrari 250 GTO Crash: The World’s ‘Most Expensive Auto Accident’

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    Default Ferrari 250 GTO Crash: The World’s ‘Most Expensive Auto Accident’

    U.S. businessman Christopher Cox was driving his Ferrari 250 GTO through France, en route to Le Mans. He was traveling with a convoy of Ferrari fans, including Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford.

    The car, pictured above, iswas worth an estimated $31 million. But when Cox collided with another vehicle in front of him, its value plummeted somewhat; reportedly, the vehicle is a write-off.

    Still it’s only money, right? Perhaps of more concern to Cox will be his wife Ann suffering a broken leg in the colision, while two passengers in the other car were also taken to hospital. The accident, which occurred near Blois on Friday, happened in the midst of a 21-car convoy.

    Mr Cox’s model was finished in the Ferrari factory in April 1962, meaning it had just passed its 50th birthday. It was one of only 39 ever built, meaning its demise is likely to push the value of other existing models higher. It’s not known precisely how many 250 GTOs still remain, but we do know another 250 GTO, a green model built for Stirling Moss, sold last month for $35 million.

    When the cars were rolled out of factories in 1962, they were sold for just shy of $9,000. Mr Cox’s model was originally red, but received a blue respray with a yellow central stripe in 1963.
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    crashed happened 10miles from my home place, he tried to overtake the car, unfortunately car wanted to make left turn... It was not the first time that 250 gto was crashed judging by the amount of bondo found on the scene (one of my friend was there). As for being a write off, hard to believe that a 30M car is not economically rebuildable.

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    $9,000 in 1962 is worth $35,000,000 today???


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    Woah! This is such an amazing car. I wonder what would have happened to it after that. I believe it is important to have a good attorney in your contacts because you never know what happens. I am literally scared now.

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    Oh wow.

    On a side note, this other great example (1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Reportedly Sells for $80M to WeatherTech CEO); for this exact car, it was offered to the father of my friend in 1965 for less than $10K! Imagine that.

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