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Thread: Battery warnin light coming going n and off

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    Default Battery warning light going on and off

    Very strange, this happened on the way to a track day, didn't happen again until I washed the car then it happend again, on/off for 1.5 hours. Sometimes it stays off for 20-25 minutes then flashes a little then a lot, then none. Both times it happened, I had just washed the car. I wonder if something is getting wet and causing the problem. Thanks for your help.

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    Just went for a drive and the battery light was going on and off again. It seems the fuel pump was going on and off in unison. There was no hesitation when driving and it wasn't going on and off all the time.

    What do you think is the problem and what should I check.

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    My light was coming on during braking (though this sounds like a different issue to me, but just in case)...

    Turns out my brake fluid was low. Topped it up and have had no issue since.
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    Sounds like a loose or corroded connectio. Have you checked all of your alternator, battery, starter solenoid, connections for tightness and corrosion? Also recommend checking your chassis grounds in the engine compartment and in the fuse box space in front of the passenger seat. Might be worth checking your fuses to make sure they're all securely seated. In the right firewall in front of the engine under the ECU, there are some fuses and relays to check to make sure they haven't gotten wet or corroded.

    If all of this fails to correct the problem, also check into whehter your alternator wiring has been modified per the Ford tech paper that's on this forum. I'll try to find it's location when I get home and will add to this reply.

    Here's a link to one of several fickering lights threads. This one includes Ford's solution.
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    Thanks for your help. It's very interesting that the light never comes on at idle. I could be going 100 MPH, shift to neutral and if the light is blinking it will go out. When I turn my fan on or A/C on it doesn't come on as much. Under hard acceleration the light doesn't come on as much either. When I got the car you heard a constant whine fom the fuel pump. Now it may pulsate and the light blimks at the same intervals. This is all very strange. All the wires from the battery and alternator are heat wrapped. I have ascope with a 3' LED light that I'll check all the lines to make sure none of the wires are melting and shorting out.

    Thanks for all your help.


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