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Thread: Wheels and Tires on your M400

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    Default Wheels and Tires on your M400

    Hello Everyone
    I know that there are older threads out there involving this information, but I would like to get some current opinions, facts, and pics...keep things moving around here

    First, does anyone know what the bolt pattern is on the stock M400 wheels? I know the fronts are 18x8+23 and rears are 18x10+35, but what is the pattern: 4 x ______?

    Second, I would appreciate if you could show off your car and tell me what after-market rims you have including company, model, size, offset....and if you want, price. Or if you know of some nice, reasonbly priced wheels out there that would fit the M400.

    I am tracking the car for the first time this October and am using the stock rims for slicks. So I want new rims for daily driving. Also, if anyone has any anthracite or black stock rims and wants to sell them, please PM me.


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    Sorry to revive an ancient post, but I'm in the same boat at this point. Is there a gallery composite somewhere?

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