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    Sweet car!

    Michelotto was commissioned to update six F40s into F40 LM GTEs between 1993 and 1998. Each car was rebuilt to the then current BPR GT Championship specifications and so were built beyond F40 LM specs. The major upgrade was the tipo F120 B GTE engines which were revised beyond F40 LM specs and horsepower to a staggering 800bhp in unrestricted form or to 660bhp with the air–restrictors in place.
    During the BPR Championship the F40 LM GTEs were easily the best looking cars on the grid despite their age. Only six GTEs were ever built by Michelotto: one in 1994, three in 1995, another in 1996 and one final car in 1998. Four went racing, all of which were updated to the latest specification each season. These four F40 LM GTEs were exceptionally quick cars that could out–perform McLaren’s mighty F1 GTRs, the GTEs taking four international wins and finishing on the podium 13 times between 1994 and 1996.
    The F40 LM GTE we have on offer is one of two built for an American collector and was never actively raced. It features the 800 hp unrestricted tipo F120 B GTE engine and is the ultimate weapon to utterly devastate your neighbor’s rather mundane F40 LM at the next Ferrari club track event. Fully serviced and race–ready. In concours condition and priced right at $750,000.
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    Oh my God. I don't believe it. I drove this very car at Watkins Glen when it was first finished and brought back to the US as a LM model. The owner hired me to teach him to "driva da car 'cause he no canna chift da car." He said, " Paul, efery time I chifta da cah I grindah de gears." It has a very finicky crash box in it with what feels to be very small and hard to engage dogs on it. The car also had gearing in it for Le Mans. It is geared so high its hard to imagine. With the clutch engaged at idle the thing rolled along at what I estimated, (no seedo), to be about 30 MPH! I was doing the uphill esses in 2nd, (normally 3rd or 4th gear section) and could not run out of revs on the back stretch in 3rd. Aprox 160-170 MPH. The damn thing must be geared to do 230+.

    Quite a car but it was a tough two days trying to teach a 60+ year old who basically couldn't drive to double clutch downshift a rocket-ship on the track. Many was the lap where he got so bolloxed up he went through the cones at the end of the back straight and skipped the "inner loop" chicane because he couldn't get it in gear. The guys with TrackMasters threatened to send him home early and he did leave prematurely from frustration induced fatigue. I heard he eventually did prang the car at a Ferrari club event but what the hell, by then he had bought the Ferrari/ BMW dealership in Spring Valley where he did all his business with his pal, Alberto Padretti. Those were the days. I wonder if Benny is still with us.
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