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Thread: How to get cabling from engine bay into cabin?

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    Default How to get cabling from engine bay into cabin?

    I have a 08 M400 and I'm hooking up a Zeitronix ZT/ZR2 gauge and can't figure out how to get the cabling fron the engine bay into the cabin. Do I have to cut a small hole behind the drivers seat into the engine bay and fish wires into the cabin. I know behind the passengers seat in the engine bay is the ecu and all kinds of relays and wiring. If I cut a hole behind the drivers seat is there much less that I might hurt by cutting a hole. I guess the first thing to do would be to take the fabric out from behind the seat and against the bulkhead and see what's there. Are there any holes with grommets already cut into the engine bay wall that I could use?

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    When I hooked up two new gauges in my M12, I ran my wires into the rear tunnel, then up through the peek hole for the parking brake behind the passenger seat. I was able to keep the wires behind/under the carpet, run to the rear deck, up and behind the the roll cage, and mounted my gauges on the roll bar above my head. Wires are not visible. Good luck!

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    When the original owner installed a kill switch behind the passenger seat, they drilled a hole mounted the switch and it looks perfect and stock. Since the afr sensor plugs into the hoovers exhaust on the drivers side and the boost map sensor plugs into the vacumn hose on top of the intake, I think I'll run both on the drivers side, drill a hole through the firewall behing the drivers seat and mount the ZT2 control box behind the drivers seat. The control box is where the thin RJ11 cable from the dial gauge plugs into and a serial cable from a computer plugs into for data logging. Is the firewall just a thin piece of metal of is it fairly thick and difficult to get through? I know the hole will need to be sealed with silicon to make sure no fumes enter the cabin.

    Was it easy getting into the tunnel once the belly pan was taken off? I just want to stay away from the heat of the front turbo/piping and routing everything along the drivers side would do this. I would go your route if it was fairly easy to go through the tunnel and up through the parking brake. What do you think of my idea versus yours. I'd rather not have to drill a hole if your route is easier, and if I go the drilling route, I may have 3R racing do the work. They just replaced the two leaking front turbo water cooling hoses with new ones along with high end heat wrapping. They are doing all the development/teardown/rebuilding for Randy Probst Volvo S60 racing team, so they know what they're doing.

    Thanks for your help.


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    With the belly pan off, the access is very easy to the tunnel. Just push the wires in there, and fish them out the side hole behind the passenger seat. Very easy, at least with my lift. Be careful drilling behind the drivers seat since the fuel tank is there !!!

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    I'll try your tunnel path. Thanks for the help.

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