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Thread: Satellite radio or Pandora??

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    Default Satellite radio or Pandora??

    So my radio reception is still sub par. I did install an amplified antenna last year which helped but not enough I guess. I do not collect CD's. My car has a very high end system with matching painted casing around the subwoofer/amp behind the seats. The head unit is just outdated. I was thinking of getting Satellite radio (I like it in my SUV) but was told that since the car is fiberglass I might not be happy with the reception. A Pandora head unit was suggested and I could stream it with Bluetooth from my phone. I know there are some old threads on radio, but not sure I ever read about the satellite signal quality in the Noble. If anyone has any input or suggestions let me know. My car has the single DIN setup on the passenger side, and I am not looking for a slide out screen, backup camera, etc. I just want good reception and I do not like to take the time to download music on Itunes so that does not work for me.

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    I did the Bluetooth/Pandora thing. Loved it. My wife does the same thing with her car, but until recently her phone was 3G and there were significant delays between songs. When she upgraded to 4G that problem went away. Course - you need to have good cell coverage for it to work.

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    Thanks Shem. That may be my best option. Just curious, anyone have feedback about satellite radio reception in their Noble?

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    I switched out my head unit for a double din screen attached to a single din unit, so no custom dash. I installed a back up camera to it and I use Spotify to listen to music (which I love). Spotify has an off line mode so reception does not matter. Just need a head unit with bluetooth to stream music to the unit. Secondarily, I use spotify to also stream music into my house.

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    I have just purchased (introduction will follow soon) an M12 with Sirius already in it. The reception is good although at times it will go off for a second and search the signal

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    spec1976...Welcome and congratulations on your M12! Post pics soon for us. Just curious, did you happen to notice where your satellite antenna is mounted? The radio shop told me if I did not put it on the roof I may not be happy with the reception. I do not want it on my roof. In the end I will probably stream Bluetooth but will get a satellite ready radio and possibly add it.

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    I think it is on the dash, let me take a picture when i get home.

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    Yeah as I thought it is on the dash as the below pic.

    As mentioned it does cut out from time to time but i dont know if that is my equipment or the aerial but the reception is clear with me.

    Good luck and thanks for the welcome.

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    Just a follow up to my original thread in case anyone is considering an upgrade. I had Car Toys install a top of the line Kenwood single DIN Bluetooth radio. First owner installed a custom subwoofer and amp, etc so this radio properly controls all the extras. Pandora and other apps stream without any issues, even in places with poor cellular reception like my parking garage. I can stream satellite but see no reason to. I have Bluetooth for my phone and the mic was installed on the steering column. Works fine for slower speeds but as expected there is a lot of background noise at higher speeds. The remote that came with my radio is small, yet has all the functions I need. The old radio used to rattle...the new one was installed with insulation and it quiet. Lastly, they reinstalled a power antenna I had under the dash. It is now mounted on the inside passenger side of my windshield and is barely noticed. I get excellent radio reception and even HD radio. Bill was about $270 total and well worth it. If anyone wants the model number just let me know.

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    I'd go with a Pandora ready radio. The subscription is $4 a month, and you've got more stations, genres to choose from, plus you make you own playlists with stations you like.
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