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    I was getting an alignment for a track weekend and was told it couldn't be done because some of my bushings were shot. I got a full set of the poly bushings from Rossion. I saw the old ones today and they were torn up. The bushings by the calipers get really hot and brittle. The guy at 3r racing in Denver said it's because there is no heat shielding around the rotors. He is going to wrap them in high end heat tape and told me to make sure they are covered with some type of heat tape. A couple of the bushings were so shot he said it would have been dangerous on the track. The toe could have been changing as your driving. Now I know why when I had a pre-tech for a track weekend, the inspector said my wheels seemed to have to much play in them. I was told the car will drive a lot better on the track.
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    Not as dramatic as yours, but the clunk was annoying. I went with Rossion's poly bushings as well.


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    I noticed a big difference on the track with the Poly Bushings
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    I'm confused about the number of bushings. I just had my rear bushings replaced. I gave my shop a bag of ten because I thought there would be the same in the front and back and rossion sent two bags of ten bushings. After looking, there are 12 in the back. Two each for the upper and lower a arm and one for each tie rod. This equals six bushing each side for 12 total bushings needed. The shop wrapped the two tie rod bushing in high temp heat wrap shielding. He said these were in the worst shape because they are so close to the hot rotor. These were almost torn apart.

    How many bushings are there in the front and back? What are the big bolts to be torqued to, that hold the bushings in?

    Thank you.
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    Late update.

    I found on my car the factory main bushing was OK, but the vertical part of the bushing (on the factory setup the rubber washers) were being pushed out.

    Similar symptoms to what Ken was having with the poly bushing ears, but with the Noble factory bushings.

    I replace the factory rubber washers, not the main bushing but the vertical end pieces, with off-the-shelf nylon washers from the local hardware store (ace hardware), Lubed them heavily with Mobil 1 synthetic grease. Butt Dyno says this was a good move.

    Washer dimensions:

    I am going to try to source some nylotron nsm washers, a better material for the job, but though I would pass the info along.

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