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Thread: Rossion fuse problem/questions

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    Default Rossion fuse problem/questions

    Ok, I know these questions are very basic, but I have not had to change a fuse in a car for about 30 years (my chevy Monza) when they looked like glass tubes with metal on the ends. Last night while installing my repaired radio, I think I blew the fuse to my lighter/accessory plug in. I stupidly placed a screw driver in the hole, and heard a spark and it no longer works (it worked prior to this episode). Rossion still does not have owner's manuals yet available, so here are the questions:

    1. I think I located the fuse box under the passenger dash behind the panel, is that correct?

    2. Are the little black boxes fuses or relays?

    3. If they are fuses, is there any way to tell if one has blown? Does anyone know which one controls the lighter/accessory port?

    4. How do you remove them... pull straight out, or do you lift them in an upward direction???

    Sorry for such basic questions... your help is truly appreciated!

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    The fuse box is located between the two seats at your shoulder level. Just pull the panel forward from the top to open. Regular fuses inside, so you should easily be able to find the blown one. Most of the stuff under the passenger foot well are relays. Good luck, and no more screw drivers into electrical parts...


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    Here is the fuse layout just over the drivers shoulder in the center counsel
    i suggest to print this and put it in the glove compartment then make a second copy fold it neatly in put it in the fuse compartment because it is a bitch to tun around to get the one out of the glove compartment when you are turned backwards in the seat to reach the glove compartment to get the diagram
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    You guys are awesome. Found the fuse box and replaced the blown fuse.....problem solved! Better yet, the radio is working great and the wired radar detector works as planned. I will put the diagram in the fuse box right now....great suggestion.

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