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Thread: Bushing problems

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    The orange Rossion ones are soft and I had nothing but problems with them. I got some dark blue ones with a Shore A rating of 92. They are hard and work great. I'll pull my invoice and let you know where I got them and how much they cost. They weren't cheap.
    someone did send me a link to raiden. they have the bushings listed, but no price listed. while i prefer simple black, if their price is reasonable, i will just let them keep doing them, lol.

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    I got my bushings from Noblerine. They were around 300 but shipping from overseas was around 160.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken7258 View Post
    I got my bushings from Noblerine. They were around 300 but shipping from overseas was around 160.
    A friend of mine overseas had half a set of these bushings and you asked for expedited shipping. I am glad that you are not having any issues with them.

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    i got the price today on a bushing set. no doubt in my mind i can beat it by atleast $100 per set. it also sets my mind at ease too knowing where they are made and the experience behind them with the actual bushing mix and content.
    in the next week or so i will pull an arm and get the measurements to get a firm per piece price quote. for the price i was quoted on the blue ones i can pay for the mold and have the prototype set made.
    not sure how the mods set up or require vendors to advertise, but i will ask first and then set up a group buy or something. prototyping and testing takes about 3-4 weeks. after that it is simply putting in an order. this is not vaporware, this is not a maybe happen, i am already doing this on other chassis and the noble/rossion is about the simplest one i have seen.
    speak up if you have interest in these for a $400-450 price point shipped.

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    All of this talk about bushings has me wondering about my car. I do not recall this topic ever coming up and the car drives awesome as it is. My car has about 8,500 miles. Is this more of an issue for higher mileage and/or heavily tracked cars or are they just failing due to age?

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    all the front ones are good on mine (27k miles) but the rears there is multiple bushings that the shoulders have cut/worn off. i will take a look when i pull one off, but i think the edges need to be rounded on the control arm bushing opening.

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    will be pulling an arm this weekend and getting measurements. i will email the drawing off on monday and get an exact price quote and timeframe to have prototype in hand. i found a total of 5 bushings bad on mine. some you couldn't even tell until you grab the outer ring and try to spin it. it looks like it is fine, but already separated, so i may find even more bad ones upon disassembly.

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    is this still an active project?

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    He sold the car.

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    I finally got around to design some spherical bearing control arm bushings. This more for the guys that track there cars but it should be just fine on the street. I used spherical bearings with that have PTFE bearing surfaces.

    Experience says the are very similar to Delrin bushing ride. A little stiffer than stock but not noisy and very precise

    Should be a great upgrade especially for the track guys

    This is not a cheape solution but one that will work very well and improve handling it will be in $1000 range
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