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    Can anyone advise M12 handbrake adjustment? My lever is near vertical, do i need to get on a ramp/remove undertray to access the cable adjuster?


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    I am pretty sure it is just like the Rossion. Look behind the drivers seat at the center console and there is a small access, panel remove it, inside there is a cable tighten it.

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    Yes, as Willie says. Try adjusting that first. You will find two cables coming from lever to a balance bar with an adjustment nut below the bar. Tighten that nut. If you still don't get effective parking brake action, put the rear of the car on jack stands, pull the wheels off, and find the adjustment dial through the peak hole in the rear discs. With the brake lever off, adjust the dial with a flat head screw driver until you get some resistance to turning the rotor. Then back off a bit. If that fails, pull the rotors off and inspect the parking brake pads. Replace if needed. Mine were crumbling, so I replaced them. Replacement shoes easy to find on Ebay as they are 98-02 Camaro shoes. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice! Im near Oxford in the Uk, not far from where the M12 was made - had the car a week now, much nicer than an S2 Exige i had a while ago...

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