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Thread: Braille B2317 vs. Deka ETX16 battery comparison

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    Default Braille B2317 vs. Deka ETX16 battery comparison

    Some of you may remember I relocated battery to cabin and converted to a Braille B2317 lightweight battery (17lbs.). See thread for details:

    I did this over xmas break 2011/12. Since then I have generally used a battery tender, but am somewhat inconsistent. Last year I was out of country for 7 1/2 months and had someone start car monthly, and it was on the tender some of that time. When I came back it ran ok, but battery didn't seem to start quite as quickly. I kept forgetting to use tender and eventually had to charge battery a few times. Those of you who went to CMP may have seen Willie F. jump my car while in the pits...

    So I left on vacation for three weeks in June (yes, life is rough) and forgot to plug in tender again. Battery is pretty much toast at this point.

    The Braille battery is pretty expensive. The cheapest I can currently find is through Jegs: at $169.99 including shipping.

    Snooping around internet it appears that the Braille battery may actually be a rebadged Deka battery. See:
    I never did find confirmation this is the case, but the price was a lot less so I figured I'd give it a try. The equivalent Deka is the ETX16 which is identical in measurements, weight, post orientation, etc. It is listed as 325CCA, while the Braille is listed at 475CCA.

    The Deka ETX16 can be found for $77.95 plus shipping (cost me $85.51 to door) at:

    Both batteries are sealed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. There is an online discussion (breakout from the above 'rebadge' post) that speculates that Braille overestimates CCA (and they way they calculate is different) and that Deka may under report CCA.

    I took a good look at both batteries side by side. The cases are literally identical except for the dates on the markings. See attached pix. As near as I can tell, these are the same batteries with different brand stickers. I installed and car cranks up immediately, just like when I had fresh Braille. I have turned on/off several times, cranked stereo and so far can tell no problems. My non scientific 'seat of pants' eval suggest CCA must not be much different or identical.

    I will give an update in a couple of months to see if I get stranded. Incidentally, MAN is it nice to be driving car again and damn- that thing is fast!!
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