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Thread: I need a bigger garage, Part II

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    Default I need a bigger garage, Part II

    Some pictures of his 70,000 sq ft main house and his 35,000 sq ft garage that has a sound system better than any concert. His house had everything you could imagine from tanning beds to a 3 million dollar movie theater that looks like the Star Ship Enterprise, complete with a 5000lb steel door that slides automatically just like on TV. The house sits on top of an entire mountain that he owns where his armed guards patrol He has over 250+ exotic cars. The collection includes 22 Lambo’s, Porsche GT, Ferrari Enzo, S7, and the very 1st Buggatti in the US.The rest of the cars are also 1 of a kind or the very first of that model and year.

    First Veyron in the US:

    Thought to be this guy:
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    Does he have any job openings to care for (I mean wax and drive) his cars?

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