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Thread: Honda Powered Build Thread - K24 / TSX

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    Started the engine and had it idle a little. This let me verified I had no CELs. The tune is a bit off, but least I can adjust it in my garage instead of having to ship the car and/or ecu.

    The only thing that may not function is the factory oil temp gauge. I had already replaced the center dash gauges, so the other sensors are being displayed by the PLX and being datalogged by the ecu. I added more sensors too, so now I have two PLX gauges displaying my wideband, oil temp, oil press, water temp, fuel press, and boost/vacuum.

    I added the CEL on the dash between the tach and fuel level, so it's pretty visible.
    I won't know if the aircon will function as intended until I get it recharged, but I am getting power to it. The radiator fans are being controlled by the ecu now.

    I've given up on building the turbo manifold myself. I've contacted Virtual Works here in Vegas... They are accustomed to building +1000hp supras and their welds are works of art. Plus, it'll be better designed than what I could build.

    Still waiting on the axles...

    I miss driving this car. I don't know how some of you guys leave your Nobles parked for more than 30 days!

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    Nearly all finished:

    Got the driveaxles in last night and was able to move the car out of the garage and back in. It desperately needs tuned, as it barely holds idle.

    Coolant line routing is also next. Hoping to have all of that finished by the weekend.

    Next week, turbo manifold.
    Tuning after that.

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    Quite impressive work here. Where you trained formally in automotive engineering?

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    very nice

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    How much clearance do you have between the intake manifold and the cabin fiber glass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJS26
    Quite impressive work here. Where you trained formally in automotive engineering?

    No formal training... started as a wee child messing with legos. Then my first car was terrible and broke a lot, so I was a poor high school student who had to make things work.
    Plus, building a handful of racecars helped.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darbid McYeezy View Post
    How much clearance do you have between the intake manifold and the cabin fiber glass?
    The stock TSX/K24A2 intake manifold is different, I have the Civic Si (RBC) which is shorter, slightly.

    But, the measures I have are:
    2.5" - back of intake to bodywork lip
    4" roughly - back of intake to the back panel on the bodywork that the fuel filler is mounted to.
    5.5" roughly - back of intake to glass.

    I have enough room to pull the engine with all accessories and intake manifold still attached. I would only need to remove the turbo manifold and some other things I've added to the frame rails (ie. catch cans for oil and coolant; remote oil filter).

    It's not the cleanest install of a non-Ford engine in a Noble, but once I have it running perfectly, then I can change things around to be cleaner.

    Some future projects will be removing PS Pump for an EHPS system, eliminating the water pump for an electric water pump, redoing the engine wiring harness so it's cleaner and incorporates the new sensors (wanted to wait until I knew everything worked before hacking it up), etc, etc.

    Did some further research, other builds with this motor and turbo setup have gotten anywhere from 400whp-450whp on pump gas with 14psi or less, with E85 getting more power. Fingers crossed.

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    Very close to finishing this.

    Was able to complete the coolant system. Some minor struggle in determining which coolant line in the tunnel goes to what part of the system.
    The two smaller lines go to the heater core, the larger to the radiator.
    Problem is, had to determine which of the radiator hoses is the inlet for the radiator (hot side / top of the radiator) and which is the outlet from the radiator (cold side).
    Then trying to figure out which of the heater lines is the inlet/outlet. Still not sure if I got that figured, since I haven't been able to bleed the system fully yet.
    Not getting heat from the aircon, but then again, I'm in Vegas where heat isn't necessary.

    Drove the car around the neighborhood for a quick run, just to make sure the gearbox works, the axles are fine, and nothing falls off the car. Everything works as intended... was a bit loud since I don't have an exhaust manifold on it.

    However, the car is now at Virtual Works getting the exhaust manifold built. They are notorious for doing intake/exhaust manifolds for Supras and GTRs... all of their work is art. Hopefully will have the car back this week, then I'll finish up the plumbing of the turbo, start working on the exhaust system, and then to tuning next week.

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    new month, new update.

    Exhaust manifold is complete. Here's a pre-weld pic of it:

    and it installed:

    Also fabbed up the exhaust, kept it extremely simple... I need to grab a photo of it, but it doesn't sound as unique or amazing as the Ford, but I can hear the turbo spool up, which is way more of an eargasm, then the muffled turbos for the Ford. Also helps that the turbo has a shrouded compressor housing). The wastegate dump tube exits straight out the exhaust tip (vs. collected up with the rest of the exhaust).

    Drove it around a bit, trying to get the coolant to bleed, was hoping a few warm up/cool down cycles would help purge the system, but looks like I may need to pressure bleed it.

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    Coolant finally burped, and have since driven it around 120miles. Feels like I'm trying to restrain a pitbull. I've been taking it easy to break-in the clutch, and because I haven't gotten it tuned... Basically shifting at 3000rpm, which is more than enough to keep up with traffic and getting on the freeway.

    One thing I didn't realize is, the Noble tach only goes to 8000rpm... I could upgrade the valvetrain and rev the engine to 9000rpm. New tach may be on order.

    Anyways, a few more photos I took this past weekend. I since replaced the blue 90' elbow with a black one. It was all the local shop had at the time, which I needed last week.

    Collector design.

    Exhaust setup. Pretty basic, as this was built as the "race" exhaust. I may go with a system with a resonator to quiet it down in the future.

    Left tip is just the turbo. Right tip is for the wastegate.

    The Magnaflow exhaust system is 2.5", then exits out a 3" tip. In keeping with the same look I had, I just cut the tips off the old exhaust and welded it to the 3" pipe I had.
    The wastegate dump tube is 2", again, just cut the tip off the old exhaust, welded it up. It all worked better than expected.

    You can also see the turbo feeding both sides of the intercooler using an aluminum Y pipe. This should help with efficiency in spreading out the air over the IC better than a backdoor or single inlet option.

    Anyways, tomorrow car gets dynoed.

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    very nice install.

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