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Thread: A/C Only Lasts ~10 Minutes

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    Default A/C Only Lasts ~10 Minutes

    I have a Noble M12 GTO 3R. Towards the end of last summer, I first noticed an A/C issue. When I had my A/C on max level it would blow ice cold for maybe 15 minutes, then it would blow ambient air temperature. If I had my A/C on anything other than max level, I had no issue. I did not consider this a big problem at the time because the 2nd level was fine in the mild southern CA climate. Earlier on this year, the A/C would sometimes stop blowing cold on level 2, so I had to drop down to the minimum of level 1. Now I am having issues on even the min A/C level, sometimes getting as little as only 10 minutes of ice cold air. If the car is in ambient air mode and I get out for awhile, then drive again, I'll get another 10-15 minutes of cold air.

    Does anyone have ideas about what the problem may be or what I should look at?
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    It could be a few things:
    - high pressure. Hot weather increases the pressure within the system, causing it to trip the thermo-switch
    - compressor running too hot. adding any kind of heat shielding at the AC will help

    Before, my AC would work for all of 30-45m in SoCal's 85-90' weather. But, since I'm in Vegas, if it was over 95', it'd work 5m. The AC compressor would get so hot that it would shut down to protect itself. I'd have to park the car and let it cool off for the AC to work properly again. So, I made a point to never drive when the weather was over 90'

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    May need to adjust the location of the thermocouple. Could be that the condenser is icing up.

    dont know it this is an issue on Nobles, but it was on my lotus

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