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Thread: Clutch Fluid replacement

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    Default Clutch Fluid replacement

    Question about replacing the clutch fluid.
    I have done the brakes several times with my Motive pressure bleeder, works great.
    Question about bleeding the clutch fluid. Is it the same process by pressurizing the reservoir and then opening the bleed valve at the transaxle side?
    Any recommendations for fluid?

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    That's what I do. I empty most fluid out of the reservoir, then fill w/ new fluid and use the (empty) power bleeder to apply a little pressure (same as brakes). I think having someone pump the clutch may be the better method, but I always end up doing mine solo. Castrol SRF for brakes and clutch. Eye-wateringly expensive, but lasts forever due to excellent "wet" performance. Age and hygroscopic degradation just doesn't affect the SRF as much as other premium fluids.

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