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Thread: Ford Duratec info?

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    Default Ford Duratec info?

    I'm tempted to get an engine from a Noble M12 on eBay and was wondering if it's a direct swap for my Rossion.

    I work on motorcycle race engines and there's a few things I'd like to do to the 3.0 V6 this year to improve it.

    Doesn't the M12/M400/Rossion Duratec have Wiseco pistons? If so, I'm looking to swap them out for some Cosworths made from RR58 (hopefully). Namura, Omega or even CP would also be preferable. I'm a big fan of Cosworth pistons but haven't had good luck with Wiseco (don't tolerate high/low temps as good) or JE (heavy and they don't disperse oil as well) unfortunately. We've seen Wiseco's fail spectacularly and I know my Rossion is already on it's second engine.

    I'd also like to REM and cryo treat some of the internals, maybe even DLC coat a couple things too. The REM helps a lot with friction. They use small beads that polish the surface to a mirror like finish and there's a noticeable difference when turning the engine over with your hand.

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    Nothing to offer here, but following this thread

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    Not sure if you ever got any of your questions answered or if you are still interested but if you are, message me and I will direct you to the people that can answer these questions for you and more.

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