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Thread: The Skittle (my noble) Got a Costarring Roll.

  1. Default The Skittle (my noble) Got a Costarring Roll.

    Yea, its on Youtube. But next stop, Jay Leno

    Ferrari 308 GTSi QV EURO and Noble M12 GTO Drive and Lunch!
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    Cool video and nice to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Golden looks to be a pretty neat town.

    Still see some snow on the side, any salt on the road?

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    Denver usually does not use salt.
    They use mag chloride, which I hate as much, but...
    The roads are fairly clean

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    Awesome, nice to see some more youtube footage of Nobles!

    BTW, mag chloride is a salt and has the same general chemical properties as any other salt, sodium chloride included...

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    My Noble is in a few YouTube videos, but I wouldn't mind being on Jays garage. Heck, we live in the same town.
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    Somebody should send an email to Doug demuro inviting him to do a video on a noble/Rossion.

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    I've considered Regular Car Reviews because of their weird sense of humor -- Doug Demuro annoys me too much, despite his videos being relatively informative.

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    I spoke to Doug a couple of years ago and he showed interest in reviewing my Rossion. I think Matt Farah would give the car better exposure though with his "one take" videos. I spoke to Matt last Spring when he was going to be at Gingerman for an event and he indicated he wanted to shoot a video on the car but I wasn't able to make it to Gingerman that weekend. My dream would be to have him drive the V6 and Willy's V8 back-to-back for a One Take video but we would have to take our cars out to him in LA for that.

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    I corresponded with Doug and he said next trip to LA, he'll do my Noble. I've also talked to Everyday Driver but we keep missing each other on setting something up.

    I'm in LA so whatever you guys think can be expeditious, I'll deliver the car. This weekend is bad though thanks to the winter storm.
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