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Driven, check this link out, https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-S2000...IAAOSwcrxZcnsx

This is an OEM AP brake cylinder for Honda s2000. would you consider this to be better than or the same as the AP CP3627-101C?
I don't know if the S2000 setup you posted would work. I don't know the dimensions of the booster, which is the main concern.

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Do you know if Honda have a good racing brake master cylinder comparable to AP3627-101c?
I am using a master and booster from a 88-91 CRX Si.
You have to drill two new holes on the firewall for the booster, wire up the brake level sensor to the Noble wiring (from Noble's spade connect to Honda's bullet connectors), and make one new brake line between the master cylinder to the prop valve for the rear brakes.
You also have to move the clutch master reservoir over a 1-2mm, by enlarging the mounting holes on the firewall.

The Honda booster is larger than the AP unit, which is why I had to move the clutch reservoir over a little. But, this helped with brake pedal feel.

Brakes work fine on track.