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Thread: Enter Car, Security Etc.

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    Default Enter Car, Security Etc.

    So...i just got my Q1...The security system seems strange. Cannot start the engine after exiting the vehicle (after driving) then hopping back in (or staying outside), relocking the door (s) with clicker, then opening with clicker, then car starts. This seem ridiculous. Worse than that - and it just hit me - how do i get in the vehicle if the battery dies???

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    It has some timer, where even if you don't lock the doors, after a minute or whatever, the ignition is disabled. Just get in, turn the key to ON, and click the fob to unlock the ignition, then start button will fire up the engine.

    For dead battery, I'm not sure how you'd get in, but once in, I think there's a weird access port next to the steering wheel to override it, can't recall for sure.

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    If the battery is dead you have to open the rear clam and jump it using the auxiliary jumper terminal behind the rear window mounted on the fire wall. And yes you have to press the key fob in order to start the car. It is part of the security system.

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    Anyone that needs to know how to get into your car if your battery dies pm me and i will explain.
    there is a mechanical override

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