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    Hi Everyone! My car has been acting a little strange lately and seemed to have lost much of its power. Last night we put it on a dyno and it is reporting only 300hp, we checked for boost and vacuum leaks but everything checked out. One of the sensors they used reported it running extremely lean. We pulled the fuel filter and there are metal shavings in it and under pressure the pump was pretty erratic about the pressure it was sending fuel. So now I have a few questions for you.

    1. Anyone know the model number of the fuel pump? We are trying to get it out now but I am hoping I can find it locally if possible to get this back on the road.
    2. Have any of you experienced a similar problem?

    I have been looking at the dyno reports over the last few years and it seems there is definitely a problem here. Any thoughts on what else it could be? The ECU was flashed by Willy for me almost 2 years ago and it ran great until I had to replace the battery.

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    sounds like a ground or power supply problem
    please do fuel pump relay upgrade
    as well;
    install an 044 Bosch fuel pump new lines and gauges.
    the low voltage will destroy the stock fuel pump.
    if you have data; please send it
    Thanks, Troy
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