Hello to all, I am a new owner of an M400 (NUS 0165). Something I have wanted for several years and finally made it happen. Anyway, I should probably have done a better job of inspecting as I found out three things on my drive back home to Florida:

  1. Leaking/blown exhaust gaskets
  2. A/C refrigerant leak (making for a very hot drive), and
  3. Gas gauge not working.

Looks like an engine out repair which will add value to the car lol. After all that, does anyone know a source for the gas gauge sender unit? Seems like Rossion does not have, so potentially have to go to Lotus in the UK?? If anyone has a better idea, would love to hear it.

I hope this is OK for a first post; I am sure you will indicate if not. Also, if anyone is also resident in SW Florida (I am in Sarasota), please let me know.