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Thread: I'm finally a Noble-ish Owner...

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    ...Communication went dark shortly after the last post, so...yea...
    You should have told him you're a litigator.

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    Well, I figured Iíd add a fun little update to this thread.
    Its obviously been a while since Iíve posted, and nothing has changed support-wise.

    I did did get the new heater box from andy, which Iíll install this winter and while Iím in there hopefully fix the squealing thatís currently occurring when the blower is on. Iím excited about that.
    Also, Baz and Kam are also posting up good information around mid-rise lifts which Iím strongly considering due to the slick belly pan on the car.

    Since I last posted Iíve started addressing some more issues (or least I assumed they were issues). First I swapped the driver and passenger seats to hide the bolster wear on the driver seat. Then I swapped the rotors because 1) the drilled holes appeared to be cracking and me 2 ) both sides were the same orientation! When installing the new slotted rotors, I discovered my rotors said ďoldĒ on them. Odd for a 0-mike chassis, eh? I took measurements of the rotor thickness too, which requires some math due to the edge of the rotor sticking out.

    Lastly, went to swap the fuel filter because my pump was running so loud you essentially couldnít hear the motor over it at idle. Not sure if others have had this happen before, but what I found inside the filter housing was a bit alarming (photo attached). Glad I checked it out!

    All of this before 1500 miles.
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