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Thread: Side window removal is not so bad!

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    Default Side window removal is not so bad!

    My side windows were starting to get really balky, to the point where the passenger side refused to close. It wasn't looking forward to removing the glass because it seemed like one of those things that could go very wrong very quickly. But, it turned out to be easy. It takes more time to get the door panel off than to unbolt the lifter mechanism and remove the glass.

    I didn't need to replace the rubber channel, rather I just smoothed it out and coated it with silicone lubricant. I also cleaned and greased the linkage. Both windows work smoothly now.

    Here are some pics:

    Door with no window and no linkage inside:


    Disembodied window:

    All together again:

    FWIW, I've been away from the forum cuz my car was being resprayed, then clear wrapped (front clam and scoops), and now final polishing and CQuartz. All in all, I've been without the car for most of a year.
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    Weird, I have an entirely different window regulator than you do. The basic design is the same, but the actual parts look vastly different.
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    I think he has power windows

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    Yes, I converted to power windows, but only the winder crank got replaced. I'm still using the window lift linkage that came with my car.
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