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    Default Headlight Issue

    I found out tonight about Rossion headlights. My headlights SUCK. Dangerously dim on lows, about like parking lights on some newer cars (seriously) and the brights are about as bright as the low beams on my 04 Pathfinder! I have to find a solution to that. Especially now with the time change and driving to work in the dark, and sometimes home in the dark also this time of year. This is the first time Iíve been out driving by myself spiritedly without cars ahead, or street lights, etc. etc. or I would have caught it before. The foothills parkway (on Chilhowee mountain) drive actually scared me a few times as approaching cars Ė I had to go to low beams Ė suddenly I really couldnít see ahead. Yeow! do i fix this? Any headlight upgrade suggestions or solutions out there??

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    I'm guessing Rossion and Noble's have the same headlights? lf that's the case these would be the LED upgrade. I have not tried them yet.

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    FWIW, I did a similar Hella upgrade to D2S Xenon low beams on the Noble several years ago. The housing is a direct replacement. Much better than the factory halogens. I tried an LED retro-fit in the factory high beam housings, but the beam doesn't reach very far. No extension beyond the Xenon low beam. I'm very tempted by the Hella LED high beam kit.

    If anybody bites on the Hella LED package, please post up a review.
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