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Thread: Gas Cap For Rossion

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    Default Gas Cap For Rossion

    Does anyone know where I can get a gas cap for Rossion Q1?

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    This may or may not be the cap...closest i've found. Willy will probably know for sure. (might be best to contact Ridetech and measure yours first to just get the cap only?)

    and in black, with straight filler neck like Noble/Rossion:

    Ridetech website difficult to search on, but they say they may be contacted via several means... good luck, let us know (mine is missing keys, so i'd be interested in another also)

    HMMM - after further searching, apparently this is the OEM manufacturer and size (well, like i looked on the bottom of my cap!) - with lock added (optional)
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    Thanks for the info. I will be contacting newton about new cap and will let you know the result.

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