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Thread: Throttle Cable Replacement - Aftermarket solution

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    Default Throttle Cable Replacement - Aftermarket solution

    Recently, my throttle cable started to fray and I didn't want to be stuck somewhere where the cable snapped and I had to jerry-rig some kind of fix to get the car back home.
    Not to mention, one of the frayed cables got stuck in the housing and kept the throttle open. Fun.

    So, instead of tossing hundreds of dollars to Rossion or TurboHoses for a replacement, which will be nearly identical to an aftermarket solution, I opted for this route.

    Mind you, Rossions and some Nobles have the throttle cable routed thru the fender, along the side skirts.
    My chassis had it routed thru the tunnel, which I kept since I no longer have to worry about a front turbo murdering wires/cables/etc.

    A quick search found this company in California:

    For $75 shipped, I got a new cable. I ordered it on Monday, got it Wednesday. Mind you, I'm in Vegas, so shipping was quick, but even then, they made the cable very quickly.

    The process for removal/install is as follows, this may be different for your chassis:
    1. Crawl into pedal well
    2. Remove gas pedal
    3. Remove heim from pedal
    4. Remove heim from cable
    5. Loosen cable nut on firewall and removal fully
    6. Open front clam
    7. Remove drip tray
    8. pull cable thru firewall
    9. Open rear clam
    10. Remove cable from throttle and manifold
    11. Tape new cable to old cable end
    12. Pull old cable thru, while the new cable pulls thru
    13. reinstall everything.

    Here's how my pedal and cable were attached, with the heim attached to the 10/32 stud:

    Here's how the new cable looks:

    Here are the specs for my cable that's routed thru the tunnel:
    Total length (from barrel to stud) - 150"
    Outer Housing length - 141"
    Wire diameter - ~2mm
    Barrel on throttle side - 6mm
    Stud on pedal side - 10/32 stud

    The new wire is slightly smaller, likely 1.77mm, with the barrel being wider and ever so slightly larger, likely being 1/4". The barrel shouldn't be an issue though, as the hole for the throttle cam is pretty big.

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    Excellent solution - thanks for posting. I always cringe when it's time to force my slightly fraying cable into the cheesy clamp. I'll be testing a new (to me) clutch setup next week, might as well do the cable while the engine's out.
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