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Thread: New screens, professional fixturing

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    Default New screens, professional fixturing

    I removed all the screens from my car prior to having it resprayed, polished, and CQuartz'ed. I've spent many hours since getting the car back cutting, fitting, and gluing new screens made from woven aluminum wire (very high % open area, circular cross section, not the best, but miles better than the factory mesh).

    One of the challenges is finding a way to secure the screen while the glue dries. It's especially challenging if you don't have the patience to make a sophisticated fixture.

    The only tricky part of this "fixture" is remembering to unplug the garage door opener.

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    What screen/mesh did you use. how many sq feet was needed?
    How tough was it to cut/form the screens?
    Copy-cats want to know

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    I'm still looking for my receipt so I can tell you where I bought it.

    Edit: McMaster part number 9227T52

    It the meantime, it's:

    - 2 openings per inch
    - 0.062 aluminum wire
    - 2 foot by 3 foot hunk is enough for 3 front inlets, 2 side scoop inlets, factory intercooler inlet
    - The .062 Al wire cuts effortlessly with a tin snip
    - Tight bends will break the wire. Trust me on this.

    I'll need another piece if I decide to do the radiator outlet and rear grill.

    The rad outlet will be tough because this is woven "cloth". There is nothing but friction holding the wires together. This is a nonissue for flat screens, but making the tight bends at the ends of the radiator outlet will tend to separate the weave. I'm thinking a gaffer tape sandwich might keep the openings square.

    Another thing to consider is colors other than natural. Since it is just woven, you might have to unravel it before coating or anodizing, then weave it back together. I left mine natural.
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