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    My car had an incredible number of stone chips as well as an assortment of painful paint flaws (including the dreaded garage door stripe ). I had it resprayed by Frank Zucchi Restorations, then detailed and CQuartzed by Immaculate Reflections. I still don't have any beauty shots, but here is an impressive before/after pic of the door taken by Jeff at Immaculate.

    The thing about this pic is that, under normal lighting, the door looked pretty nice. You didn't see the swirls and spider webbing unless the lighting was just right. But now, to my untrained eye, the paint glows. I'm planning to get some semi-pro pix after I put the engine back in.

    Here are a couple more from Jeff at Immaculate:

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    That's incredible looking!

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    Wow, that does look incredible!

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    Sure Jeff

    Until I saw these pictures I was happy with my car.

    Looks fabulous!

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