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Thread: Anyone have M400 tune files?

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    Default Anyone have M400 tune files?

    Fixed wastegate, checked ECU cables can read/write ECU files, and am now good to start some tuning.

    Does anyone have a good M400 tuning file to start with? Car is an M12 with the larger M400 turbos, fuel pump relay upgrade, and larger 1G intercooler. Exhaust is coming shortly, but for now stock.

    - Chris

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    Here is a link to the MBE file that was in my M400 when I took delivery. I cannot guaranty that it's the one that Trevor Jasper developed for Noble, but I don't have any reason to believe that it is *not* the "factory" tune (whatever that means in the Noble world). My car had less than 2000 miles when I got it, and it made 0.7 bar of boost. Probably stock.

    The MBE metadata (device information) says this:

    Noble Cars - Noble M12 GTO - 3.0 Litre V6 - 18/02/04 Dyno, Ball-bearing Turbos
    Final Map 1530 on 170204 - Tuesday in US, US Spec engine
    Ford Lightning injectors 42#
    Boost now at 0.75Bar, Peak power 350@6000rpm peak torque 350@4750rpm
    Revised ignition for anti-stall functions, and smoothed out fuel map
    Runs afterstart ignition for improved start flares
    T Jasper - Roush - 23/09/2005

    (Note that you can change everything in an MBE map and not touch the metadata! It's a free text field.)

    Here is a link to one of the four files that Derek Whitis included when he made Easimap available to Noble owners. I'm not sure if it's calibrated for stock 42 lb/hr injectors. I'll fire up Easimap (I hated Easimap!) to see if I can remember if there is an injector size constant. If you try it, please run an AFR gauge!


    Noble Cars - Noble M400 GTO - 3.0 Litre V6 - 04/09/03 Dyno, Big Turbos,Bosch Injectors
    ST220 cams timed to standard
    New bost maps for Rockingham car
    from Press Car mapping at Rainham in Feb 05
    engine speed limiter 7100-7300rpm
    Calibrated by T Jasper - Roush 16/03/05 Map for an M400 with Stock Turbos, upgraded Exhaust.ecc

    If my server won't let you have these files, PM me your email and I'll send them to you that way.

    While we're on the subject, when Derek shut down his Noble operation, I got some stuff from them, incuding an ancient, crusty laptop with tons of Noble MBE files. This poor old dog was so close to death that I had to chill it in the freezer in order to get it to boot. Some of the tune file names match guys who used to be on this forum.

    Here's a snip of one of the MBE file folders. Recognize anybody?

    Noble parts for sale, see my Noble website:

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    Thanks - helpful!

    Strangely, I think this is the stock 3R Map.

    The M400 map is supposed to be 1 BAR if I remember correctly. Amongst your many maps, do you know if there's a decent M400 one with stock other peripherals?

    - Chris

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