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    It seems that the window regulators were sourced from possibly classic Minis or some other difficult to find parts in the USA. Does anyone know what part they are, exactly? They seem to be modified from their source parts...

    My window regulators both have gnarled teeth on the gear, making rolling the window up/down difficult:

    So, currently, I have both windows out, and regulators, since rolling the window down/up is a PITA and it's really nice weather right now... oddly enough, the doors are REALLY light when you take those things out

    To replace my mangled regulators, I've thought about sourcing a US based part that could be retrofitted to the door and window... or even changing the whole design of the window regulator to a cable driven one:

    The closest I've found were a Pontiac G6 or the rear windows from an HHR and, they almost fit into the door, one set attaches to the window via pressure clamps (so no epoxy or other mounting solution required.

    Are there any other solutions people have come up with? Or am I the only one who has ran into window issues?

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    I switched to motor driven windows, but my regulators were in good condition. I just cleaned and re-greased them. The UK Nobility may know a suitable donor car. If nobody here has the answer, try asking on the Pistonheads forum or the UK sellyourdatabook page.
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