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Thread: Threads in fiberglass?!?! Replaced!

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    Default Threads in fiberglass?!?! Replaced!

    One of my goals is to replace "threaded" holes in fiberglass (and sheet metal!) with metal clips. I finally got around to doing the door speakers today. Sheet metal screws in fiberglass? Seriously?

    Noble did a very nice job engineering the track day bits, but really took shortcuts with the everyday driving stuff. I intend to bring up the rest of my car to the same high standard as the handling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NobleM400 View Post
    One of my goals is to replace "threaded" holes in fiberglass
    Agree, I was a little surprised to find some of the nicer trim just screwed into the fiberglass. Always worried about stripping hole when putting something back. Keep up the good work!

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    That's a smart fix

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