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Thread: My ride in GT3RS at CMP

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    Default My ride in GT3RS at CMP

    I had the pleasure to ride shotgun in this incredible car and managed to film some of it! This is at Carolina Motorsports Park during this years Noble/Rossion Track Day.
    Over 3000lbs=boring. 0-60 over 4 seconds=boring. Under 1g=boring. Noble, not boring.

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    how does it compares with your noble?

    " For power, buy the Corvette.
    For weight, buy the Exige.
    For handling, buy the GT3.
    If you are looking for all three, buy the Noble. "

    By Godzilla...

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    Mine should be here in October! I had the first gen GT3 and decided to wait for the RS this time!

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    The GT3RS seems to go like stink, but have not seem even hand held cameras in Nobles and Rossions bounce around like that. Is CMP particularly rough or does the GTRS just ride a lot rougher?

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    I can't specifically comment on Matt's GT3 RS but CMP is not that rough. Im thinking its a pretty stiff suspension with a hand held camera. Awesome vehicle. I have gone on mountain drives trying to follow Matt with my Noble. Not possible except for straightaways. Shifting, tire traction and brakes are so much better in the RS.

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    This touches on a subject I an just starting to understand.

    What do you want to car to be great at verses what do you want the car to be good at.

    I have read the GT3RS described as a 95% car.
    95% of the time (when you are driving the car on the street), the car is good.
    The car does rides rough, bridge expansion joints and pot holes will make you cringe.
    Brakes are good, but better when they are up to temp.
    Tires are good, takes time to get them up to temp.
    Alignment is good, but tire wear is noted and tramlining can be annoying.


    The 5% of the time that its on the track, magic happens!
    the suspension is eager to take a set and communicates wonderfully, allowing you to brake late and get on the power early.
    brakes work great and in a typical 30 min, or 24 hour, session are fade free and inspire confidence.

    Do you want a car that is great on the street, or a car that is great on the track. Yes its VERY difficult to get one that does both.

    If you want a great street Porsche, that is fun on the track, get a GTS.
    If you want a great track toy Porsche, that can be driven to the track, get a GT3RS

    I would say that a stock Noble is closer to the GTS than the GT3RS.
    A stock Noble is a very enjoyable street car, that is entertaining to drive on the track. I dont recall much being said about the Nobles 24 hr race results though, unlike Porsche.

    long babbling way to say the GT3RS is at the pointy end of Street performance spectrum, or the lower end of the 24 hr endurance racer spectrum. If its riding rough, go faster!
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