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Thread: I am going to try to make this YouTube thing happen

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    Default I am going to try to make this YouTube thing happen

    Obviously, I don't have too many eggs in this basket. But I do lots of fun car stuff, so I figured I would film some of it. If my channel doesn't blow up, no big deal, will be fun to look back on the memories.

    If you see any way I can improve my driving, presenting, or editing. Please let me know. If you liked it, subscribe for more Noble and Corvette track videos!

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    Nice - hoping to head out to Laguna myself here shortly

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    Nice video (and thanks for featuring my Rossa in it). Let’s hope it helps raising the awareness of these awesome cars...

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    Great video, good work. Beautiful car, enjoy.

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    Enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing and have fun driving your Noble and learning more about the brand!

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    I was supposed to be at Thunderhill Fri-Sun but my c7 has been broken for 3 weeks and then the dealer crashed it =(

    Hoover told me the oil pan doesn't have the baffles to keep the oil from sloshing onto the timing chain... It can't survive a track day yet. + the clutch is making noise on the dyno. So fixing that and an oil leak too.

    So I have nothing to drive this weekend. I have missed 8 track days since my Vette went down.

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    Default Rossa

    Your car is awesome

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    I have ssssoooo much to learn.

    By the way guys, don't assume I know anything. I am still pretty new to track driving and very new to Noble.

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    Default 2nd video. 1st impressions from Corvette owners

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    Default Quotes

    Bleh. Just figured out how to quote other posts. Sorry guys, srill getting used to the forum.

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