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    STUNNING Noble for Sale! After 6 years I have decided to sell it. I will be buying a Ferrari. This is the hardest "car" decision I have had to make and I have never owned a car this long.
    Rare Ferrari Grigio charcoal color! Modern and elegant. I was told there are only a few in this color. It is darker and more metallic than many. Gray leather interior with alcantara wrapped roll cage. Nice enough to take to a car show.....not a track rat. I have many awards.
    No accidents. No curbed wheels, no dings, no excessive wear and tear.
    Noble M12 GTO-3R Chassis #62
    Has the looks and power of an M400, but the leather interior of the M12. For me this is exactly what I wanted.
    Located in Seattle, WA
    Purchased in Texas with 5900 miles, and it currently has around 12k. I am the second owner.

    Troy Fralick tuned the car and did a variety of other work when I brought it to him in Florida in 2013. It has a "Troy" Tune with a very smooth power band and TONS of power!
    Passed emission inspection in both Washington (twice) and Texas (I used to live there). No issues registering, and car is registered as a Noble.
    Extremely reliable and can be a daily driver! I would take it anywhere.
    Below is a list of details about the car. I have a binder with receipts and records that is vast. Books included as well. One key and remote plus fob. I do not work on the car myself & everything is professionally done. The car is unmolested and I have spent a ton of $$ on it so you don't have to. I never said no to any work recommended.
    The car has been worked on exclusively by Beachman Racing outside of Seattle. This is the foremost Noble shop in the Northwest and they tell me it is the nicest they have seen.
    Partial list of enhancements (alI can remember over 6 years):
    Troy Tune
    Motor completely rebuilt in 2013
    Larger M400 style turbos - 2013
    Bosch 044 fuel pump - replaced in 2017 (and comes with a spare)
    Intercooler with two fans
    Blow off valve
    Heat shielding
    Custom oil baffles - 2013 Troy
    Oil pan upgrade - 2013
    Wrapped exhaust
    Working AC
    Oil cooler, side pod mounted (2013)
    Wheel bearing upgrade 2013
    AIM racing digital dash display - really cool and lots of extra information/sensors! (software included)
    Optima Red Top battery
    Battery cutoff switch hidden between the seats (no need to plug in now)
    Built in trickle charger
    Brake duct mod (Troy)
    Tunnel mod to keep car cooler (Troy)
    Amazing stereo with custom amp and subwoofer that was Professional installed and painted to match the car (behind seats). 5k.
    Bluetooth (but you better not be driving more than 20 mph or they won't be able to hear you!) - 2014
    Battery terminal addition for easier jump start (never goes dead though)
    New Alternator - 2015
    New Starter - 2013
    New stub axles - 2014
    New, custom throttle cable with better gas pedal placement - 2014
    Brakes rebuilt in 2015 with AP racing kit (very few miles since then)
    Really cool chrome fire extinguisher mounted on passenger side
    Pre-wired for Passport radar
    Clear Bra on front of car has really protected it since new

    Cosmetic Enhancements:
    -Tinted Windows
    -Momo steering wheel (have original)
    -Momo shift knob (have original)
    -M400 side scoops (can be removed with no holes)
    -Carbon Fiber wrap on mirrors


    Call me at 425-880-2584 to talk about it. Thank you.

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    Nice car - what Ferrari are you getting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MITengineer View Post
    Nice car - what Ferrari are you getting?
    Thanks. I am getting a Ferrari California. I can sneak my little girl in the back seat, and my wife can also drive it. So hard to sell a Noble!! I also have a Maserati Gran Turismo and the Noble is not getting used that much.

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    That's the problem with the Noble, if you think of it that way, the limited seating space.

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    Oh man, I can't believe you are selling your car!! I am so tempted... Let me know if it doesn't sell..


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    Hello all, I have been traveling and have not advertised it. May put it on consignment next week since I got too busy to try and sell it. If anyone is interested let me know before then. We can talk about the car, pricing, etc.

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    ...the best way to get me is 425-880-2584. I don't see the messages here always.


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    Hello all, I don't have time to properly market the car and respond in a timely manner. so I just consigned it with Cats Exotics outside of Seattle. They sell many exotics. The link is below, including a video of the engine running....sounds nice!
    Noble M12 GTO 3R

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