A couple years ago I converted to the Rossion harness and the Ford ECU. One notable difference was that the Ford has a second water temp sensor plug for the dash gauge as most cars do, vs the single sensor for both ECU and dash that the MBE unit had.

I recently purchased a 1/8” npt sensor that mimics the same voltage or resistance for what the gauge expects, but I’m not sure where is the best place to install it. I know the stock temp sensor is on the driver side of the motor, looks like right where the tstat housing would be. Right above that there is a rubber hose that has a couple outlets, and I believe the top one connects to about a 8-10” section of hard pipe. My question is if this would be a good spot to mount the sensor?

I don’t really know how the stock water lines are setup, so I don’t want it sitting in a pipe that doesn’t have much flow, like if it was going to the heater core for cabin temp. And preferably I would want the temp sensor on the hot side of the radiator, not on the ‘cold’ return, just to be on the safe side I guess.

Where would you install another water temp sensor in the engine bay if you had to?