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Thread: Car won't start - think its the immobililzer

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    Default Car won't start - think its the immobililzer

    Jump Start: So after getting together the new exhaust, turbos, car had sat long enough for the battery to be dead. I seem to remember 2 beeps from the immobilizer once things were "good" but this no longer seems to be the case. Car will turn over and primes the fuel pump but won't start. Only wiring I've touched is the O2 sensors. Any ideas? Anyway to bypass the immobilizer to make sure its not that?

    I've tried jumping the car from the 2 post terminal extension. Fuel pressure is 45ish PSI.

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    Not had that problem, so I dont have a great answer for you.

    I would be surprised if its the immobilizer though.
    On my car, if the immobilizer is enabled, the fuel pump does not run.
    You are saying you have 45ish PSI, so your fuel pump in on.

    I would almost try unplugging the battery, and wait for minuets/hour or so.
    then reconnect

    What does the MBE software show?


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    Sounds like MBE went on vacation and lost it memory

    Do you have a copy of the tune. try to reload it

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    It was low voltage issues actually!

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