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    On January 26th.. a lady on a cell phone forgot to look ahead, apply her brakes or just simply drive vs. talk and totalled NUS0147. The car was replaced with Chassis NUS0096. With that said... I have extra parts on the chassis that may be available if anyone needs parts. Some parts weve kept and swapped over to the new chassis... PM me or Willy (the chassis is with him) if there is anything specific you want to ask about. The wheels, seats, transmission and steel oil pan I am keeping.. likely the starter is not going to be available either. Both turbos are staying with me but for the right price I could be persuaded to give them up. The Chassis is not available.. there are other plans for that.

    Im open to discussing with anyone that needs something.

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    Sent me - let me know!

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    Chassis 147, so it has the M400 shifter/shift linkage...
    Is that available?

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    I have the car and some more cars available for parts

    Noble and Rossion

    yes i have the new style shifters avaible

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