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Clearing my garage of all the parts I have accumulated over the years when I had my Noble. Considering how hard some of these parts are to come by I figured it might be of some use to someone.

1. $1900 - Wheels with Hoosier race tires with only one track day on them. One of the rear rims have little curb rash but perfectly straight and easily repairable
2. $1000 - Engine core, has a major engine knock probably from oil starvation before a track pan was installed. Not quite sure what is wrong with it but it is rebuildable
3. $ 200 - AP clutch with only +-1000 street miles on it.
4. $ 300 - Intercooler
5. $ 400 - Track oil pan with customized with fins for added cooling
6. $ 200 - Stock exhaust complete from turbo
7. $ 100 - Miscellaneous gear box parts that were not used from my last rebuild, there are some seals, bearings, gears and shift forks. I can send pictures of the parts and I'll send you everything that's left over but don't ask me specifics of what is what since I didn't do my rebuild and the shop just gave me all the parts they didn't need back to me.

Prices are negotiable I really don't know what some of these items are worth considering that most are used. I don't visit this forum very often so for quickest response please email me at