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Thread: Ride quality of Noble/Rossion vs Porsche GT3RS

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    Question Ride quality of Noble/Rossion vs Porsche GT3RS

    Just viewed video of Godzilla's in vehicle ride-along in a GT3RS at CMP ( ). The GT3RS seems to go like stink, but have not seen hand held cameras in Nobles and Rossions bounce around like that. Is CMP particularly rough or does the GTRS just ride a lot rougher? Because even comparing the movement of the dash to the horizon, there is frequent, rapid, vertical movement. Does the Porsche GT3 ride any better?

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    Yes the GT3 does ride better than the GT3RS
    The GTS rides better than the GT3
    The 911 S rides better than the GTS

    Quoting James May ( I hate when I do that).

    This is the problem with road cars developed on a track and on the 'Ring in particular. Their prowess can be expressed as a single figure. Because the Nürburgring is a very long circuit, a tiny improvement in outright cornering speed will yield a bigger difference, in terms of tenths of a second saved, than it would on a big roundabout. Therefore it encourages compromise in the areas that actually make a car pleasant to drive. That N400 is the best V8 Aston around the 'Ring, but the standard car is much more enjoyable on the road. Building a car that yields a winning lap time around the track gives you a car that is brilliant at that but nothing else. It comes with an impressive certificate but no real talent.

    This is not saying that the GT3RS has "no real talent". The GT3RS has way more talent than I have driving skills.

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