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Thread: Typical Ownership Repair & Maintenance Experience

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    Default Typical Ownership Repair & Maintenance Experience

    Hello all,

    Curious to hear typical repair histories on Noble cars... the original M400's. Maybe best to respond on owner section. Thanks.

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    Depends on so much.
    If you use it for overwhelming street use, keep the HP in the low to mid 400s, and have the "standard" fixes in place, its a solid car.

    Age is starting to be a consideration. Regardless of mileage, the suspension is starting to need freshening. With "Normal" millage, clutches may need some love. Review the fluid lines. I had a porous weld on my "Track Oil Pan" that started dripping.

    Start using the car at the track, maintenance goes up. Turbo seals may need some love. Brakes/rotors would start to be a consideration. Oil temps high? May need too look at moving/adding/refreshing the oil cooler. The factory wheels only have two issues. They are heavy and they are a bit fragile, check for cracks. Suspension, including ball joints and wheel bearings need regular inspection.
    As HP goes up..
    transmission life, hmm, doesn't go up.
    clutch should be upgraded.

    All stuff pretty routine. The biggest issue is limited parts availability.
    You can get complete replacement suspension components, but not from your local NAPA store.
    You can get body parts, but not from your local body shop.
    You can get any part, but supply and demand is a challenge for both consumer and vendor. But then again, if you want easy parts availability, there are Chevy/Ford dealerships in ever town and Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, heck Kia, Honda, BMW all build darn impressive cars.

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