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Thread: Replacing A/C Knob On Noble

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    I need a replacement A/C knob for my 2005 Noble GTO 3R. I've seen the knob sold in eBay UK auctions before, but none of the sellers would ship to USA. Being a UK part, the local Ford dealerships in my area also haven't been able to get it. Does anyone know of a seller that offers the knob and mails to USA?

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    Sorry, I don't know we're to buy new knobs.

    i had mine crack where the knob shaft meets the controls shaft so the knob would just spin.
    i did a scavenger hunt at the local hardware store and found a small / thin brass bushing that just fit over the knobs shaft.
    little JB weld to make sure is stayed in place and back in service.
    Been working for about a year for me.

    Just trying to offer ideas.
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    One trick I stumbled on after installing a VPN is that I can set my "host country" to England. When I do, Google hits are generally UK websites. This presents me with more options for buying car parts that were never used by any major manufacturer selling in the US.

    Another idea is to ask a UK Noble owner to buy the part and ship it to you.

    A third idea is the way I got my hands on the factory workshop manual for our Getrag transaxle. The publisher would not ship outside of Germany. One of my coworkers had family in Germany, so I bought the manual online and had it shipped to my coworker's parents. He brought it back for me on his next family visit.
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    I have spare noble parts consigned with gatormotorsport in Indiana.
    They should still have the (2) knobs I gave him.

    Give Brian a call.


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