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Thread: Paint protective film - pattern

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    Default Paint protective film - pattern

    Does anyone have the pattern for the 3M protective film?

    I recently repainted my car and wanted to reply a protective film. I am looking at putting on XPEL but they donít have the pattern. I would be willing to go with 3M but they also said they did not have the car in the system.

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    you will have to free hand it

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    When shopping around, I did happen to have ONE guy tell me he found a pattern for the m12. I thought it was on suntek, but nobody else I talked to could find it.
    Going off memory, it only went up the front clam to roughly where the vent is, so if you’re wanting full coverage, yes - you will need a custom cut.

    Choose your installer carefully, and based off experience, I’d expect them to say they need the car for 2-3 days. Anything less, I’d be concerned.

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