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Thread: NOBLE. My experience with the public, thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gafernandez View Post
    I love the what is it?
    Answer: Car
    I know that but what king of Car
    Answer: The kind you drive
    I mean who makes it
    i go through the compliment of that

    what kind of car is that?
    its a Noble
    What's a Noble?
    hmm, this.

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    I downplay it by usually just saying “it’s a British kit car” to anyone who doesn’t know what it is. For some reason “kit car” seems to be something that turns off a LOT of people, despite it really being a way for them to skirt US regulations more than being a cost cutter (imo). It’s not like it comes in pieces...

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    It is a Fiero with a body kit.
    Over 3000lbs=boring. 0-60 over 4 seconds=boring. Under 1g=boring. Noble, not boring.

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