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Thread: 2019 Annual Track Day?

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    Tee please

    April 22 is confirmed available. Track rental with insurance and corner workers is just under $6K. With catering, helmets, chief instructor and so forth, the total will be about $7K. 20 people at $350 is a break even. If we can get more than 20, then the price per person will drop. Everyone, please confirm your interest in this event. Open track time with controlled passing all day. Great food, wonderful camaraderie, fantastic track (CMP). Let's roll!

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    I am definitely in for that date. I have a friend with a Shelby GT350 (red one from event two years ago) that is likely in for that date as well

    Will get started on T shirts. Will do something similar to what FatMatt did a few years back (map of track, Noble/Rossion logos, etc).

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    If only it was a day closer... 33 hours to drive to CMP from Vegas.

    Might be interested, if I can find an interesting car to rent.

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    Rossion with a V8 maybe

    Come on out and visit with us, or ship your car out

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    Quote Originally Posted by esrandl View Post
    I can look into custom t-shirts for event if any one is interested
    Id love one

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    I'm in for a shirt as well. I should know for sure if I am gonna make it after my trip down to Troy's this coming week.

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    My Dad and I will be attending as spectators.

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