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    Just wondered what tires anyone has been running on the track. I am still sorting out some engine management issues but will then look to replace my 911 with the M400 at (Florida based) track days. I don't know that I want to go full slicks, but maybe Toyo Proxes R888R or Bridgestone Potenza's RE71R's? Any suggestions gratefully received :-)

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    I’m using R888R and I’m happy with them. Much better traction and braking but they are surprisingly noisy on the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phun-ky View Post
    Iím using R888R and Iím happy with them. Much better traction and braking but they are surprisingly noisy on the street.
    +1, ran these in past. Stick well for a street tire.

    Using your street tires is always a compromise, in the past when I was actually competing I used a dedicated set of track wheels and tires. Tires (and then brakes) are the best investment you can make on car for lap times. It really depends on how serious you are and what your goals are. If you are lapping for fun, running the street tires is just fine. I am running some off brand right now just because they are cheap. Will have just as much fun as the next person at next event If you really want to run the best laps possible... then you need to pop for an extra set of wheels/tires.

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    I've tried:
    Maxxis RC1
    Nitto NT01
    Federal 595RS-RR
    Federal 595RS-R
    Toyo RR

    The best so far has been the Toyo RR for ultimate grip. The next best has been NT01s. The RE71R are a great tire if you need to fit in a "street tire" class, otherwise, better to go to a proper r-compound.
    Federals are terrible.
    Maxxis were good for the price, but they have since increased in cost.

    I run a 17" wheel on track. 18" wheel on autocross and street.

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    I’d been curious about the new Yoko a052’s (if I have the name right). Still might be “street” like the re-71, but I like my street tires.
    the main drawback with them is supposed to be wet traction.

    I still miss the RE11’s. While not the best grip anymore, it was an awesome all-around tire, much like the AD08r, but at a lower price point, and without the risk of being almost 2 years sitting on the shelf at time of purchase.

    i currently use re71’s I like them, but I feel like this latest generation of “200” treadwear tires are much closer to r-comps anymore (most of the bad, without all of the good/grip). A while back there was an article about the lack of standardization to account for more variable when treadwear ratings are developed by a manufacturer. It was an interesting read, but to me if I am worried about noise and comfort, I might sacrifice some grip and go AD08R. If I’m trying to be competitive, the BF’s or RE’a for street class. I can’t talk to current r-comp tires.

    Good luck!

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    An urban myth I read once, and I have no proof, is that
    its not uncommon for many competiton classes to require a minimum of a 200 tread wear DOT tire.
    and because of that, that some tire manufacturers 200 DOT tires are, hmm, maybe, well, dont actually last as long as you would think a 200 tread wear tire would last.
    Or maybe it's better to say they have an unusually high amount of grip, and that because of that grip, be it on the street or an auto cross course or a road course, encourages a driving style that promotes wear, and SCCA national championships.

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    Nitto NT01, ran them on the street also! Got great life out of them and the performance never faded.
    Over 3000lbs=boring. 0-60 over 4 seconds=boring. Under 1g=boring. Noble, not boring.

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    Speaking of high-ish treadwear numbers, have any of you run Sport Cup 2s?
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