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    I still have the cat's on my M400 but have been advised that, in order to achieve full HP potential, I should remove them. Since current HP is below the posted 425hp (at the crank, I believe), I'm wondering if others have done this and hence the answer to my woes....

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    I am not aware of anyone picking up significant performance by removing cats. They are downstream of turbos and you will easily pick up more HP from increasing boost with boost controller than any other simple method (ie; not an engine build). While I have tinkered with my boost levels, I haven't built a Noble/Rossion motor so defer to others if anyone has addl insight.

    What exactly is the problem?

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    I removed the cats AND exhaust, went straight pipes. I got a huge hp power gain after the retune. It sounds badass and shoots 3 foot flames as an added bonus.
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