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Thread: Parts Need: O2 sensors and Harness Connector

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    Default Parts Need: O2 sensors and Harness Connector

    Hey guys -

    Had a local shop recharge the A/C and left the O2 sensor unplugged from the harness with the two ends touching the manifold.

    Does anyone know the part number for the O2 sensors on the 3.0L Noble or more importantly where to source? I read an NTK sensor, part number 96bb-9f472-ba from the part, but can't locate the equivalent here in the US. Willie or Troy -- any chance you guys have the sensor and connector in stock?

    - Chris

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    I'm pretty sure I have the two sensors as well as harnesses that could donate the harness-end connector. The sensors have at most 4k miles on them. I pulled them off when I did the single turbo conversion.

    Lemme know if interested and I'll dig through my boxes of Noble parts.
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    Confused why they would disconnect the O2 to charge the A/C

    All the connectors are in the front

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    There was an O-ring that needed to be replaced near the compressor, so accessing that rear most line is easier by disconnecting the cable

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