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Thread: Gauge panel removal and center console wiring

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    Default Gauge panel removal and center console wiring

    How does one remove the gauge panel? And does anyone have the wiring schematics for the controls on the aluminum center plate? Thanks!

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    I think he said it best

    Quote Originally Posted by NobleM400 View Post
    All you need is 3 foot long, triple-jointed arms, eyes and lights embedded in your hands, and more patience than anybody I know. There are those on the forum who claim to have gotten to the nuts that hold the trim panel on, but I think they really used a very small trained monkey.

    When I had my floor off, I stuck my head and torso up through the place where the driver's feet usually are, and stuck my arm as far is it would go into the recess where those gauges live. I think I maybe touched one or two of the nuts back there.

    There is a thread here that talks about removing the panel, complete with pics (taken by the monkey, no doubt) showing where the retaining nuts are. I'll see if I can find it.

    Edit - Here are the pics

    I didn't take these (not being a trained money ), so I can't comment on them.


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    Looks like the links to the dash pics are broken. I put them on my site.

    The only way I can imagine accomplishing this is with a socket on a long extension that you manipulate by sound and feel. Or maybe borrow a colonoscopy camera?

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    Hunter i have the wiring schematic and know how to get the center dash a part

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    Must the center consul come out to repair the speed control to the fan motor for the AC/Heater?

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