Well, I’m starting this thread to bring awareness to anyone looking to purchase a new or used car from McLaren of Chicago.

I was there back in November looking at some options for myself along a friend of mine. He was looking to put together an order for the new McLaren 600LT and I was weighing my options on something from their used inventory. I did find the one that I was always looking for. Number 73! Love at first site!!!!

I actually start asking questions in the forum here to figure out more about the car and what should look out for. Willy of course was the first to offer his knowledge and assistance and I should have asked him more details or even tell him my findings which I will explain bellow.

I decided to get it since it was Thanksgiving and my birthday was coming up and I have been a good boy all year. But before I went ahead and pulled the trigger I asked them to figure out what was a weird ticking noise coming out from the engine. They told me they didn’t know what it was and since the engine is derivative of a ford performance engine, it wouldn’t be anything serious to fix if something happened.
I should have known better and walked away from the car... But I didn't and I pulled the trigger on pure emotion (Bad bad thing, I guess that makes a sadomasochistic person)????
3 weeks later and 168 mile, the engine was done resulting to a full rebuild of the engine.

I immediately contacted the dealer and what they told me pretty much is that I was on my own. Apparently the previous owner tracked the car heavily but never took care of it. He traded it in along with an NSX and got a 570S. I spoke to Willy and he told me "This doesn't sound good at all"!

The car is with Willy as we speak and he's putting it together. After looking at the damage, he told me that McLaren mechanics should have known about the issue since the ticking noise was, obviously a warning sing that the engine bearing was at its last leg (remember I asked them to tell me what the ticking noise was).

Yet they decided to sell it, especially at that time of the year that you don’t have really any good days for driving such car, hoping that I will store it away for the winter. If the engine would blow up it would happen sometime in the spring and not at the time that it happened, so I wouldn’t be able to blame them that they knew and sold me a defective car.

Their solution is that they offered is that they are willing to buy back the car from me at a price, of course lower than what I paid for and trade it for another car from their inventory.

In other words “we screw you when you bought the car and then we have the audacity to offer you to buy it back and give you less of what you paid so we can either wholesale it or fix and re-sell it!!!!

Bad business practices and misleading representation of the car has resulted to pay more for my "fix" aka the rebuild.

Josh King the general manager of the “dealership” has been deciving, misleading and totally disregarding my requests for finding a solution on fixing the car and paying some of the costs since I do want to hold on to it because I do like the rawness and track capabilities of it.

This was supposed to be a happy purchase since it was my 40th birthday, instead it has been a nightmare and definitely Chicago McLaren is taking the trophy as the WORST DEALERSHIP, at least when it comes to reputable and luxury car dealerships. I have never had an experience like that in my life and I have relationships with my local Porsche, Bentley, RR and Ferrari dealerships.

And the funny thing is that I did convince my friend to finish and lock his spec with them on the 600LT!!

Someone might say, “you bought it therefore you are responsible”, and I would say “yes I agree with you but in a situation that they were aware of the car’s health and still sold it, at least have the decency to offer some help to get it fixed”. Willy is doing a great job with the car and I can't wait to enjoy it properly this spring/summer/fall season! Maybe couple trips to road America will make me forget about this whole thing but it is always good to know that you have people around you that can help when you need it the most!

This was my first, and last, emotional purchase. BUT it is the only that I always wanted!

Avoid this dealership at any cost! And do not buy on emotion only!!!

Feel free to share your bad and good experiences with your local dealerships.